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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Turning Out Cows

Wednesday the 21st was a cold cold day.  So we decided to turn cows out.

The boys and I cheated.  We let the tough guys gather and sort off the new pairs that didn't need to make the  trip.  We will haul them out in the trailer when they get a little older.  We stayed in the pickup with the heater on.

We drove ahead of the cows and made sure all of the gates were closed at Rabbit Creek.  There must me 30 gates in that 1/2 mile stretch of road, and I had to shut 29 of them.  Once through Rabbit Creek, the boys and I jumped our horses out of the trailer and mounted up.

Guido didn't work out so well for QT, so after this picture I jumped him back in the trailer and QT rode with me.  It was a long cold ride, and QT talked the e n t i r e time.

TR and Cowboy are a good fit.  Grandpa raised him and I rode him some while I was in college.  He is a good old horse, I wish he was 5 years younger and I had another just like him.  TR went with Dad after this picture.

When we got back to the trailer at 10:00 in the morning, it was 24* outside!

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  1. BRRRRR!! Great pics. We have a horse that looks just like Guido! Named one eye jack. Because he has 1 blue eye. I'm going to ride him this afternoon, when we work bulls! :)