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"The darkest nights produce the brightest stars"

Friday, April 19, 2013


If you really want to feel good about your parenting, take your kids to a zoo, then to Olive Garden for dinner.  Talk about poor parenting!  Standing in line to ride the carrousel, the little girl . sitting next to me tried to steal my cell phone from my pocket, danced on my foot, and constantly batted my camera with her hands nd head.  i finally asked her to be careful, and her mother ignored it all.  i think she was just happy she wasnt bothering her.  The whole time, my boys stood quietly, and patiently in line.  Later, at dinner, 2 women came in with 13 kids between the two of them.  the kids were running around tthe the restaurant, one tried th o escape by crawing under the table then trying to run out the door.  At one point 2 boys who had to be 8-9 were standing on their chairs throwing things at each other.  I never once heard the moms tell them to stop.

Shilo Inns have really nice rooms.

Blogging on a Kindle is no cake walk.  It's actually a pain in the butt!

Lonely time makes me a better mom.

I'm addicted to my Kindle.  Millions of stories at my fingertips!


  1. Oh my goodness, you have no idea!!! My 11 month old can behave better at a dinner table than some grade schoolers I know!

  2. Yeah, it is really sad that parents don't discipline their poor children anymore, and we get the same thing when we go places. We do have to get on to our boys, at times, they aren't always perfect. But, when you get compliments on them being good, when you feel they aren't, it makes you feel good, but makes you feel bad for all those kids that never have been told to sit down and be quiet, cause they are in a public place. :/

    Hope your weekend is great!

    1. My boys aren't perfect either, and they get pretty spoiled. The bar/cafe down the road from us, sees us more often than I like to admit. The gal that owns it dotes on our boys and gathers them up to sit at the bar and eat shot glasses full of cherries, then behind the bar to pick out a pop. It's not unusual for her to gather them up for a tour of the kitchen too. Which is fine there, but hard to distinguish between "the bar" and other restaurants. That said, if my boys ever acted the way those children were acting, they would be having a chat with mom in the ladies room, and if that didn't adjust behavior, we would be going home without eating! As much free rein as TR and QT have, they were appalled at the behavior they were seeing while we were there.

      Hope you have a great weekend too! =)

  3. It's sad when kids don't know how to act in public places:/ (And some adults)

    1. That is exactly it! We try really hard to expose our boys to "town" life so they know how to act in public, because lets face it, there are many days they go without seeing anyone they aren't related to. I expected better behavior from kids who are raised in town as far as proper behavior in public places since they spend all of their life in public places! But, I imagine if I had 13 kids, I probably wouldn't be taking them out in public much! =)

  4. Those little creeps in the restaurant are tomorrow's axe murderers ... and I'm sort of not kidding. EMPATHY for others is not a natural state ... it is TAUGHT by PARENTS, not lazy progenitors ....

    Mr. Jam