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Monday, April 1, 2013

A Good Ending to a Not So Good Day

I got QT dumped off  my horse on Friday.  Talk about breaking a mom's heart.  I'm not 100% sure what happened.  I suspect he lost his hat and that spooked Cricket.  When Cricket spooked, QT screamed, which really spooked Cricket, and he sucked to the side and QT came off.  When the dust settled, QT was fine, but mom was pretty shook up.  I got to him as quick as I could, and got him gathered up.  He was shook up too.  No injuries, but scared.  He informed me that he was "never riding that mean horse again."

We had a long talk about how Cricket wasn't a mean horse, but a prey animal and that he was constantly on the look out for scary things like mountain lions and monsters that might get him.  I explained that something scared him and his only thoughts were to get away, and when he (QT) screamed, that scared him even more and so he was trying to get away from whatever was so scary.  He didn't mean to dump QT, because he isn't a mean horse, he just got scared.

I am so proud of QT.  As scared as he was, he didn't think twice about getting back on, (with mom of course).  I did a quick saddle swap, the horse I was riding isn't very kid friendly.  I got on Cricket and the Cow Boss handed QT up to me.  I was a wreck, so I just headed back to the pickup with QT steering while I led the other horse.

We jumped them in the trailer, and headed to the house.  As I drove, I told QT how proud I am of him.  When he asked why, I explained that he got right back on his horse.  That's what cowboys do when they get bucked off, they get right back on their horses.  He looked at me and said "But I cried when I fell off."  I have to admit I almost cried when he said that.  I already felt 2 inches tall, and that made me feel even smaller.  I reached over and grabbed his hand and told him that it is okay to cry when you get hurt, and even if you do fall off your horse and cry, if you get right back on, it is okay.

This made me realize that I wasn't setting a good example for QT.  You see, the Cow Boss and I got into a tiff when QT fell off.  I won't go into details, but we weren't very nice to each other, and instead of toughening up and getting back on my horse and finishing the job, I gathered up QT and was heading home.  So I asked QT if he thought we should go and set up the gates for the Cow Boss and TR, and help them get the bulls to the Rose field.  He of course thought we better get our horse and go help.

I have so much awe and respect for my soon to be 5 year old.  Cricket is a big horse, and it really scared him to fall off, not to mention the fact it didn't feel very good either.  He thought about it a little bit and made the right decision on his own.  When the Cow Boss shut the gate on the Rose field behind the bulls, TR informed me that he was riding his horse home.  I told QT we had to go get the pickup and he informed me that I could get off and walk, he was riding "his horse" Cricket home with his dad and brother.

Obviously I couldn't do that, and we finally talked QT into riding Cowboy with his brother home.  I realize that kids are going to fall off horses, and it's not an if, but a when and how bad.  I'm just so glad that it was on a Friday, he didn't get seriously hurt, and even though he cried and didn't think he was very tough, he was tough and got right back on that horse.  I'm so thankful that he is a thinker and able to process things before making up his mind.  I am also proud of him for teaching me a little lesson on Friday as well!


  1. That's SUPPOSED to be a smiley face ... thanks for sharing ... Jim Jam

  2. This made a little up and coming cowboy's mama tear up a little. I am always relieved when we get back to the pickup and trailer with him still horseback and safe. Yesterday he was worth WAY more than his weight and was more help than a few of the adults that helped turn out. And now my almost 5 year old daughter is riding along with us once in awhile (and she has NO fear). As you know, that is twice the worry, but also twice the pride in teaching these little folks the best way of life. I love your blog posts. This one just a little extra!

    1. I know exactly how you feel Gina! I lay in bed at night so thankful that we made it through a day with minimal injury! Thank you Gina!

  3. I'm glad the little guy was ok. I continue to find it amazing how much we can learn from little moments in life. Hope you had a great Easter!

    1. Thanks Elizabeth! We got to spend the day with my family, which made it wonderful!