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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Racing by...

So far this month, I have been to Mountain City one weekend to ship calves and vaccinate cows.  Then the Thursday after that we hauled 5 lambs to Mountain City to butcher.  From there went to Simco, just outside of Mountain Home, Idaho to haul our cows back to Lamoille.  Got to Lamoille Saturday afternoon, turned around that same afternoon and headed back to Mountain City.  Spent a couple of hours that night, deer hunting with no luck.  Got up really early Sunday morning and right at daylight shot a nice 4 point.  Got him hung and skinned in the barn, cut and wrapped 5 lambs, then hung the buck in the walk in cooler and headed back to Lamoille.  Wednesday we made a flying trip to Twin Falls, Idaho and back to sell our calves.  Sunday it is back to Mountain City to cut and wrap my deer. Will life ever slow down?

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