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"The darkest nights produce the brightest stars"

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Left Behind

It has started.  I just sent my first born "soldier cowboy guy" out the door with the Cow Boss to gather yearlings this morning.  QT is still in his jammers, and I am still rubbing sleep out of my eyes.  TR was upstairs this morning before the Cow Boss was even out of the shower asking if it was time to go yet and if he was up early enough to go with the cowboys.  While my heart is nearly bursting with pride that he wants to ride with the cowboys and it doesn't matter how early it is or that it is cold outside, I can't help feeling a little sad too.  Next year marks 5 years we have lived in Lamoille and worked for Maggie Creek.  He was just 3 months old and so tiny then.  It's definitely a bittersweet morning here.

The boys and I got to help doctor last Thursday.  TR had a permagrin on his face and told me first thing that morning that he "feels like his old self again" being on his horse.  I have to admit it was a nice break from school!  I was able to get the boys to ride together just long enough to get a picture, then QT was back on moms horse.  Good kids horses are few and far between, so until another one falls into our laps QT and I have to double up.  He does ride with TR when it's time to rope something though.

We have an abundance of porcupines here in Lamoille.  This heifer got a little to close to one.  Both the boys were pretty enthralled with the whole process of roping, tying down, and yanking out quills.  One of our highlights was TR yelling at his dad "Rope her!"  I will have to get him to yell "Open your hand!" at his dad the next time he builts to one to neck.  The Cow Boss will get a kick out of that.

There was a badger out in the middle of the field so we sat and watched it for awile.  TR wanted to run out and kick it in the nose.  He's a fearless little thing sometimes!  I'm glad he stayed on his horse.  Those badgers are tough.  I watched 4 cowdogs and a coyote tangle with one once, and I think the badger came out on top!


  1. Tell TR I'm so pleased for him that he's back to riding and feeling like his old self! Whoop whoop! :)