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Random Thought:

"The darkest nights produce the brightest stars"

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


I make mountains out of mole hills.  I let things bother me that I should over look, then I dwell on them for days.

I watched Magic Mike because I think Channing Tatum is hot.

Consequently, I think Sam Elliot was a much better Beef It's What's For Dinner voice than Matthew McConaughey.  I love Sam Elliot's voice!

Speaking of Channing Tatum, I read The Eagle of the Ninth by Rosemary Sutcliff because I liked Channing Tatum in The Eagle.  It is a good book.

I eat cake for breakfast if I have it.  So I don't make cake very often.  My favorite is red velvet.  Mostly because I like the frosting.

I made more money teaching for 6 months than the cowboss and I made together cowboying for 1 year.

Everywhere we go, TR and QT point out weeds that we "forgot to spray."  I am kind of more proud of this than TR being able to write his name.

If there aren't good horses to ride, yearlings to rope, and loyal dogs in heaven, I don't want to go.


  1. Completely agree about Sam Elliot's voice!
    Hey, was interested in maybe seeing if you could make a cinch for me? My husband's dad is making him a new saddle, and I thought he might need a fancy, shmancy, new cinch for Christmas. He makes them, but he just makes plain ol' boring ones. ;)

    1. Shoot me an email, and we can discuss cinches. =)

  2. This is like a little slice from my life! I agree with everything you said!!! I have not seen Magic Mike yet - but Im going too!! Same Elliots voice makes me melt! He could read to me from the dictonary and I would be happy!!!

    1. Magic Mike has a lousy story line, but the eye candy makes it all worth it!

  3. So, I pretty much love this.
    That's all.