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"The darkest nights produce the brightest stars"

Monday, August 20, 2012

While I am Thinking About it....

I love onions, onions and garlic.  I put them in almost everything  I cook.  Growing up, I would chop them up really small so my sister couldn't pick them out of her food (sorry C~)!  One of the best things about living in Northeastern Nevada is being able to eat a BilToki steak sandwich.  They are smothered in garlic and taste like heaven.

I say snide remarks out loud in my head but sometimes forget to keep my mouth closed.

I would love to have a salsa garden, but can't grow cilantro.  No matter how hard I try, it always ends up shriveled up, brown, and dead in my window box or garden.  It just dies.  I've tried inside, outside, lots of water, little water, I have no luck.  You can have all of the tomatoes and jalapenos in the world and it won't be salsa if you don't have cilantro.

I look mad when I am concentrating.  Even when I'm happy, if I stop to really think hard about something my brow wrinkles, I frown, and just look angry.  If I try to remember to smile so people don't think I am mad, I forget what I am concentrating on.  On a side note, I can't glare when I want to, I just end up looking goofy.

When I hear a song I like, I play it over and over and over again until I hate it.

If I'm reading a really good book, I have to read the entire book from start to finish all at once.  I can't stand to not know how it is going to end.  This isn't a big problem if I'm reading a book to the boys.  Huge problem if I am reading a grown up book and I need to be productive.  I've stayed up all night just to finish a book before.  This makes me apprehensive to start a new book.  Unfortunately I need to read like I need oxygen.

I never pick a bowl big enough for what I am making.  Then I end up with a huge mess because instead of getting a bigger bowl when I realize I need one, I just keep adding to the smaller one until I can't stir whatever it is I am making.  Then I try and stir it anyway, spilling half of it all over my counter.  If I would have just dirtied another bowl I wouldn't have to spend as much time cleaning up after myself.



  1. I have facial expression problems also. Glad to know I'm not the only one. And you are right...they are impossible to change. But it does get old explaining that the emotion they thought they read in the expression isn't the right one!