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Thursday, August 16, 2012


Photo by Jessie Vipham

Is is the ranch house on the 101 Ranch just outside of Mountain City, Nevada.  This was my great grandma Rosella's home.  My dad spent many days here playing and working for his grandparents.  When the ranch sold in the early 70's, one of my best friends as a little girl and her family lived here.  I can't count the number of nights I spent here, or hours I played here with my friends.  The ranch sold again when I first started teaching in Owyhee, and then again just a couple of years ago.  Now the 101 Ranch is owned by the Duck Valley Indian Reservation.  As you can see, the Brown's Gulch fire has burned completely around the house right up to the highway, which runs across the right side of the picture.  The only structure lost was a small chicken coop that was to the upper left of the house.

My brilliant cousin Jessie is working on her PhD in Texas, but came home for a visit this past week, just in time for the big fire(s).  I'm so glad she was home because she has been our lifeline these last couple of days, keeping us informed on facebook with posts and pictures so that we know where the fire is and what is going on.

Photo by Jessie Vipham

This is the sign entering Mountain City.  Beyond this sign is a lot of black on both sides of the highway, going on for quite a ways.  I am so happy fire fighters were able to save my home town, with no loss of structures, life, or any injuries!

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