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"The darkest nights produce the brightest stars"

Thursday, August 2, 2012


There are days that just don't go right.  The boys are up at 5 and want breakfast now.  The colt your husband is riding for you dad pitches a fit, mashes a stirrup, and breaks the tree in his "good" saddle.  To top it off you spill boiling water on your bare foot trying to clean your cast iron skillet.  This all happens before 7 in the morning, and you think to yourself "I must have really been a jerk in a past life."  What else could explain how bad your day is already?

Today TR, QT, and I helped the Cowboss move some yearlings around.  Was it a good day?  Not especially.  Was it a bad day?  No, not really.  Did we rope and drag a yearling through the gate?  Yes.  On her side?  No.  It was hot and there was smoke in the air.  QT talked from the minute I got in the saddle until I got off at the house.

The highlight of my day was watching TR ride his horse.  Right off the bat, we had a yearling turn back on us.  I went to get around her and TR said "I got this mom."  Not quite sure I kept going.  He yelled at me "I SAID I've got this mom.  Don't you see me here?!!"  Point taken!  About 30 minutes later a different yearling turned back.  This time I was across the creek and couldn't get there fast enough with QT riding in front of me.  So I asked TR to bring her back.  He spurred old "Cowboy" up and got after her.  He had her too, until "Molly" and "Tip" (the Cowboss's cow dogs) saw  what was going on and turned her back on him again.  So he spurred "Cowboy" into a lope and took off after her a second time.  Dad called him off though.  We were both a little worried that "Cowboy" might turn out from under him chasing the yearling.  He rode up to me with a look that read WTH, I had her!  So I bragged him up quite a bit.  He really did awesome!

Riding home from the saddle shop tonight (have to get a new tree put in the Cowboss's saddle) and reflecting on the days events I decided that I must have been a really good person in a past life.  For what other reason could there be that I would be so blessed in this life?  I have a great husband who knows me better than I know myself most days.  Good horses that I can pack my baby on with me, turn my baby loose on, or rope and load a bull if I need to.  Most importantly though, I have 2 little boys who "are fearfully and wonderfully made," that I love all the way to the moon....and back!

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  1. Talking with a vet some time ago about the worth of a horse. His comment was, "When you trust your horse with your life, he's worth quite a bit". I thought that pretty much summed up the way we ride. And now, we are trusting our horses with the lives of our children. Ya, they are worth every penny we spend on them. -SRW