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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Something sweet for the Sweet!

This cake is addictive!  I'm not a big fan of chocolate, but I do love this cake.  It is nice and moist, and only as sweet as you want it to be.  I don't always put the full amounts of sugar in it, and sometimes just use Ghiradelli's cocoa!  It came from the Partyline Cookbook by the Jackson Mountain Homemakers.  I make it when I am feeding a crew because what cowboy doesn't like cake? (That and it's super easy)!

Metrocel Cake
Mix together:
2c. Flour
2c. Sugar
1tsp. soda
Bring to a boil:
1c. Butter
4tbsp. Cocoa
1c. Water
Add to the flour mixture.
2 eggs
1/2c. Buttermilk
1tsp Vanilla
Bake in a large flat pan at 350 degrees for about 30 minutes, check at 20 minutes, until done.
1/2c. Butter
4 tbsp. Cocoa
4 tbsp. Buttermilk
Remove from heat and add:
1 box Powdered Sugar
1tsp Vanilla
Spread over cake as it comes out of the oven. This cake is phenomenal!

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  1. Very yummy, Same recipe as a Chocolate Sheet Cake..My Fav!