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Monday, February 21, 2011

Under one over one...Rats! Or was that supposed to be under one over two...

For those of you who didn't know, I have a small hobby on the side that has turned into a fairly decent business (when I have the time for it)!  I have a fan page on facebook you should check out called Jennifer's Custom Cinches.  I make many different styles and colors of cinches, mecates, and neck ropes (or get down ropes, depending on where you are from!).  Right now it is getting to the point that I need to expand my business, hire help, and go big, or just keep plugging a long like I have been in the evenings and weekends.  I've decided to test the waters and....

Hit the trade show trail!  It's that time of year again.  Ranch rodeos are gearing up all over the country, and it's time to stick my neck out and hit a few!   We just finished up The National Cowboy Poetry Gathering.  It was kind of disappointing.  I think it wasn't really my clientele since I didn't sell much of anything.  Yeah, I'm just going to go with that!  =)

The next stop will be the Winnemucca Ranch Rodeo March 4th through the 6th, my cinches, mecates, and neck ropes will be for sale and on display in the Cowboy Artisans booth.  Timmy Lyn and Samme do an awesome job and have a little bit of everything, from quilts to cinches in their booth!

After that I'm branching out on my own...somewhat!  My cousin Becky, who is super crafty is going to go in partners with me on a booth at The Spring Creek Ranch Rodeo in Spring Creek this April.  I'm kind of nervous, but the booth fee is cheap, so we should be able to at least break even! 

If you are in the Winnemucca area during March or Spring Creek in April, stop by, say hello and buy a cinch!


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the heart in that cinch!! All of your work is so beautiful...I used to just drool over Tilly's pink cinch in the mornings :)