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"The darkest nights produce the brightest stars"

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Spring Time

Let's talk about smells.  Isn't if strange how certain smells can transport you back to a certain place in time?  Last Friday smelled like spring to me.  TR and I were doing home school while QT napped.  We've all been under the weather and Friday was the first day in weeks that we actually felt like doing much of anything.

We were smack dab in the middle of phonics (YUCK!), when the Cow Boss called me on the cell phone from the round pen.  You have to love technology, I mean 10 years ago he would have actually had to get off his horse and take the 5 steps to get from the round pen to the house!  Apparently my filly "Junie B." was being a challenge and the Cow Boss needed help with her.  So I ran out the door and before I got to the horse corral, spring hit me.

It must have been the combination of horses, manure  mud, hay, and after birth because suddenly I was 12 years old again standing between the grainery and chicken house on my parents ranch.  Petting my favorite gray horse "Rounder" as the sun dipped behind the Independence mountains and the early runoff lazily drifted by us.  I could feel Rounder's silky winter coat under my fingers, feel him nuzzling my back pocket for a treat, and smell spring time in Mountain City.  I was ready to help my dad put heavy cows in the calving barns and feed my 4-H steer before walking back to the house in the dusk for a wonderful dinner.  I was homesick bad to say the least!

I watched the Cow Boss ride my filly around the round pen.  I really wasn't much help.  She is super smart, but is cranky, and they had been making laps around the round pen for about an hour and every time he would try to stop her she would just find a higher gear.  After she got mad at me for being in the round pen, she would actually pin her ears back at me and try to bite me as she went past, the Cow Boss opted to do a running dismount with a duck and cover to avoid being kicked as she went passed.  I really hope she gets over this attitude quickly, because I would like to start riding her, just not until she gets over this!

I should also add that we got a foot of new snow on Saturday.  So even though Friday smelled and reminded me of spring, it is still winter time in Lamoille!


  1. To me there is defiantly a smell/feeling that hits when spring first comes around. You walk outside and it’s warm but there is still a little nip of cold in the air and a gentle breeze. It is probably one of the best feelings in the world! I just wish it would come already and we could get over this cold weather!!

    1. My boys and I agree 100%! Nothing worse than feeling good and wanting to be messing with horses and playing outside, and having it be cold and getting a fresh foot of snow!