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Monday, February 3, 2014

The National Cowboy Poetry Gathering

Last week was crazy!  It was busy, hectic, and overwhelming, but I think I got through it!  If you aren't familiar with the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering you can learn more about it here.  It is a huge gathering of singers, songwriters, poets, and artists.  There are also several gear shows.

"For the Birds" Cinch on Visalia buckles I submitted in the Expressing the Rural West Exhibition during the gathering 
Monday started off with me visiting five 3rd grade classes at TR's school.  Talk about being out of my element!  I teach college kids, not elementary and for a very good reason!  I got to talk to them about being a cowboy and why it is so important.  I loved it.  I put together a great little PowerPoint presentation full of pictures, and got to visit with each class for about 30 minutes.  We talked about how great cowboys are because they take care of cows, and all of the wonderful things we get from cows.  I admit, I had an agenda. This year I want to do more public service type things that will help promote my ranching lifestyle, and this fit in perfectly.  If you are interested in my PowerPoint, let me know.  I would be very happy to share it.

Tuesday I taught a cinch tying workshop.  It was awesome!  I had 9 wonderful students, including a gentleman who is 97 years young!  I really enjoy teaching my craft to interested people.  Everyone tied a cinch before they left that day.  I should have taken pictures, but I didn't.

Wednesday I started setting up my vendor booth.  I sell cinches and my friend sells Sunbody Hats and Wild Rags.  It was my easiest day last week.  I should probably mention that I helped feed cows every morning (except Tuesday) before all of my "extra" activities)!

"5 Crosses" Yakhair Cinch I entered in the Expressing the Rural West exhibit
Thursday was the opening of the gear show.  I also had class that night.  So I was late getting home.

Friday I had the gear show, I was on a panel for people who went to college and made the decision to come home to ranching, and a reception for the Expressing the Rural West Exhibit.  The panel was pretty cool actually.  There were 4 of us who are all highly educated but chose to ranch instead of a high paying job.  I really liked being able to share my love of ranching and explain why we do it.

The Expressing the Rural West exhibit is for artists and gear makers under the age of 40.  The craftsmanship exhibited at the Gallery at the Western Folk-life Center in Elko is amazing.  It blows my mind that we are all under the age of 40 also.  If you have the opportunity to see the exhibit in person, do it!  If not, you can check it out on Facebook.  Expressing the Rural West

Saturday I got to spend the day at the gear show.  I had a great time catching up with other artists, and just visiting with people.  I didn't sell as many cinches as usual.  So if you are in the market for a unique cinch, or want to see some pretty cinch pictures, check out my webpage!  Jennifer's Custom Cinches

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