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Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Wild Boys Ride Again

We've had a pretty busy spring and summer. As you can see TR and QT have been busy helping as well. This is the first time I have really turned them loose on horses. We are very fortunate, my dad gave us a horse to use that he raised and I rode quite a bit when I came home from college. "Cowboy" is a great fit for TR. I am so proud and impressed by the confidence he has give TR. We moved some cows last week, and TR rode with the Cowboss while QT rode with me. At one point, the Cowboss heard some whooping and hollering behind him. He looked back to see TR hell bent for leather, over and under-ing his horse running up through the middle of the cows we were pushing. When he asked TR what he was doing, TR informed him "I had to open up a can of whoop ass on that cow. She wasn't going like I wanted her to." I'm so thankful we have a horse that he can "open up cans of whoop ass" on.

QT isn't quite ready to be completely turned loose yet, and lets face it. I am not ready to hand over my best horse to him yet either. He has been riding and showing my horse "Cricket," just not outside by himself yet. He is pretty entertaining horse back. For one thing, he talks nonstop, until he falls asleep. His favorite phrase is "Get up there you black hearted cow!"

I've titled this picture "Thing 1 and Thing 2." Where ever we go, whatever we do, the boys are together. I took this at the Silver State Stampede last week, just before the boys got on their sheep in the mutton busting.

I am so proud of TR for coming out of retirement to ride a sheep by himself. While I'm not sure of his technique, I am proud to say he placed third on Thursday night. It took some doing though to get him to ride by himself and not have dad pull him off.
Cowboss: You can win this TR if you let me turn you loose.
TR: No dad, I don't want to win.
Cowboss: You can win a buckle though!
TR: =/
Mom: We will buy you a snow cone.
TR: Fine, I will win this so I can get a buckle and a snow cone.

This is QT's ride. The Cowboss pulled him off just after this.


  1. Love it. Love it. Love it! I turned over one of my favorite horses to Gene last year. Now turning over another one for Josie and, like you, am not quite ready to turn her loose on her. A can of whoop ass would be mild. For Josie, as you have learned via facebook, is a free 4 years old...Lord help me when she is a us all. (: Thanks for the heartwarming smiles this brought me tonight.

  2. So glad you enjoyed it Gina! I think Trent will have to marry Josie, but not till they are 30, so they can have paybacks for all of the stress they have caused us! Can you imagine what our grandkids would be like?!! I love your Josie stories, she is a girl after my own heart!

  3. Oh my goodness, we were moving cows just this morning and my Q pulled the same thing! Whooping and hollering all the way.
    A good kid horse is priceless!!

    Loved the muttin'bustin tale. We'll be doing that for the first time at a ranch rodeo coming up.

  4. Had to look up this story so I could chuckle again! You have your hands full Jenn...they are so entertaining!! Way to go Trent & Quin for "tackling" those sheep again! :)