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Sunday, July 22, 2012

School Days

TR starts school this fall.  He is really excited to be going to "that garden place" (kindergarten).  Mom of course not so much.  It is going to be interesting to see how we all do when school starts. 

I am having a hard time believing that my baby is old enough to be in school.  It seems like just yesterday I brought him home from the hospital.  QT is so attached to his big brother, I'm not sure how he will make it with him gone a couple of hours a day.

I'm also really worried about how he is going to do in the classroom setting.  He is going to be one of the younger kids in his class, and being a mom, I worry that he is "ready" for school.  I asked him the other day if he would like to stay home with me just 1 more year and go to school next year because I will miss him.  He told me that he would "stay with mom until [he] is 45, then he will go to school. 

To make matters worse, other parents who have kids the same age as TR are doing all of these wonderful things.  They are reading, writing their names and all this great stuff.  TR doesn't do that.  He likes numbers, and can do some basic addition and subtraction, but does not write, and I have to bribe him just to say the alphabet.  But, he can spot thistle at 20 yards, and can recognise Leafy Spurge most days.  He knows all about a lot of animals, and a wonderful imagination.  He can identify several different types of animal tracks too.  Keep your fingers crossed he gets a teacher who can appreciate these qualities!


  1. They grow so fast! My little guy knows his colors, the difference between a cow and bull, but I can't get him to count to 10 or say the alphabet for nothin'!

  2. I'm guilty also. It was super important to us that she figured out the difference between horses and cows right away. And I found myself wondering if I should have spent more time on yellow and orange and less on horse and cow?

  3. I know what you mean. The thing that gets me, is that these parents with kids that are doing all of these wonderful things, aren't the ones teaching them these things. It is preschool or day care that they are learning it. My boys don't go to preschool, they do everything with us. I guess I should be proud that they know more about what is going around in the world around them than what is going on in a classroom.