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Sunday, January 30, 2011

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things!

The peace and relaxation that comes over my million mile a minute TR, and the care the Cow Boss takes of him the minute they both are on a horse.  Anyone who has ever seen TR in action knows he doesn't slow down, unless he is sleeping.  The minute he gets on a horse with his dad, the transformation is amazing.  Suddenly he is quiet, and amazed by his surroundings.  He actually sits still.  The best part, he loves it.  Except when his dad spins his horse.  Doesn't like that...yet!

Old broke saddle horses, that are ever mindful of their tiny charges!  QT loves riding horseback, and the minute you slow up or stop, he is yelling "GO!  GO!"

Having a patient Cow Boss to let me pack my camera, everywhere!  I like to have the luxury of just taking pictures on the days I'm "helping" him, unless we are roping something...then I pretend like I am out of film or something.  I also like having a good broke horse that I feel like I can pack my camera on!

Being a ranch wife and getting to spend most of my free time outside with my favorite things, my husband, horses, cows, kids, and dogs!

I would be remiss if I didn't include two little boys that love each other and living the lifestyle that my husband and I love so much.

I'm thankful I'm a cowgirl, I have two amazing little boys and a hard working husband, and we all get to do what we love.

Thank you Liz for the inspiration on the blog!

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