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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A Kick to the Face, 1 Year Later

I've been reading through past blogs this evening, looking for something to revamp for my Progressive Rancher article and realized it has been a year since our little world was turned upside down for a couple days. For those of you who aren't familiar with our story, TR was kicked in the face (like he likes to say "I was kicked in the face by a horse but I survived!") last August 12th.  (You can read about it here).  We were life flighted from Northeastern Nevada Regional Hospital to Primary Children's hospital in Salt Lake City.  We did several ct scans and x-rays.  We were so fortunate that the worst of his injuries were a jaw broken in 3 places, a lost tooth, and split lip.

So how are we doing now?  We are great!  TR has fully recovered, and other than a small scar on his chin, there are no lasting effects of his injuries.  In all honesty, it didn't slow him up at all.  He loves riding his horses helping mom and dad do cowboy things.  It has made him a little more aware of his surroundings though, and that is a good thing!

TR and I did home school this last year for kindergarten.  We planned to attend public school, but being restricted in his activity and movement we opted to keep him home for the year and do it ourselves.  We learned that mom teaches college for a reason, and she needs to keep away from lower elementary!  He is registered for first grade and we are anxiously awaiting our room assignment and teacher's name.  We are very excited to start school.

I was very emotional yesterday on the one year anniversary of his kick to the face.  I kept the boys next to me pretty much all day and wouldn't let them out of my sight.  It is scary how a normal day can get messed up so quickly, and like I told TR this morning, I love him to the moon and back and am so glad he survived!


  1. Oh my! That would be pretty scary! Glad TR still likes being a cowboy! :)

    1. Oh me too! I was so afraid he would be scared off of horses after getting kicked. We put him on his horse about 3 days before we got the official okay from the doctors to resume activities. He kicked him in the side and took off at a long trot, spun him around and came right back and told his dad "Those doctors were wrong! They said I couldn't ride again for 6 weeks, and I still know how to do it!" I'm pretty proud of my little man!