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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Top 5 Things Overheard This Week:

1.  "Mom!  Mom!  Mom!  We are going branding at a farm!"  QT.  Okay, it really wasn't a farm, but made us laugh, because how many buckaroos like to be referred to as farmers?!

2.  "Really?  Who brings a mule to a branding anyway?!"  TR after Ofelia tied her mule up near the branding pen.

3.  "Cause AWESOME boys eat meat."  QT at lunchtime because he is an AWESOME boy!

4.  My niece got a  new saddle.  Trying it out for the first time, she got very upset because it didn't have a rope on it.  She asked her mom "Where's my rope?  I need a rope!  You can't rope cows without a rope!"  She's 3.

5.  "Hey Twain!  Don't you think you ought to bring us some more cattle?  WE NEED MORE COWS!"  TR when noticing the tub was empty while processing yearlings.

I love kids, they say the best things!


  1. Awhahaha! How CUTE!! Sounds like around here...Only difference is we're all adults! LOL! At least age wise anyways;)