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Monday, September 3, 2012

2012 Fair Entries

Every year I feel like I need to enter pictures in the Elko County Fair.  I don't know why because I never seem to have what the judges are looking for!  It is really hard to get a feel for what they like because they just scatter the pictures over a small room, so you can't really tell the pictures in your category that one.  It is fun though to walk through the Home Arts building and see what everyone has entered!

These are my entries for this year.

TR and the Cow Boss last Thanksgiving when we were cutting down our Christmas Tree.  I looked up and saw them walking down the road to us and I knew that this was THE PICTURE.  If I didn't take any other pictures that day, I had to get this one, and it had to be perfect.  I really like how it turned out.  The judges did too, they gave me a blue ribbon.

This is my first attempt at newborn photography.  Baby Gabriel belongs to one of my best friends.  This was her dad's saddle.  He past away nearly 7 years ago.  I really like this picture because of the sentimental aspect of Gabriel resting in his grandpa's saddle, and I like how clearly you can read Bill on the cantle.  Judges weren't impressed.

Here we have TR and QT getting ready to ride their sheep this summer at the Silver State Stampede.  The Cow Boss pulled QT off after 2 jumps, but TR rode by himself and ended up 3rd.  Talk about a huge confidence boost for him!  The judges gave me a white ribbon. 

This is TR's 3rd place ride.  I just like the expression on his face.  =)  The judges gave this picture a white ribbon also.

I like how clearly you can see the shadow of the horse and you know it is a bucking horse.  The Cow Boss says it would be better if there was a guy on the horse.  Maybe the judges agree with him?  No ribbon.

This picture is only good to me I guess.

Judges didn't like this one either.

I also entered a cinch this year.  I have every year for 5 years now.  I also enter the only cinch in the fair.  This year they introduced a new category for me because previously they didn't have a cinch category.  Last year I got a red ribbon on my cinch.  Can you imagine my disappointment when I've been tying cinches for nearly 7 years and I'm the only cinch entered in the fair, and I get a red ribbon?  I almost didn't enter a cinch this year.  But then I thought maybe I could use the free advertisement.  So I entered this cinch:

It was a custom order that didn't turn out as expected, which means it is available to you to purchase!  It is 100% Mohair, 34" long.  =)  Oh yeah, I should probably mention that it won a special award for best of Mohair/Horsehair cinches at the Elko County Fair!  =)


  1. Those are good shots!

    Love the cinch! How much are you asking for those?

    1. Depending on what you want Rachel, my base is $80 plus $20 shipping. This one goes out the door for $130. =)

  2. My hubby can make cinches, and I've been wanting him to teach me. Thought it would be a good way to make some extra denaro... but we just haven't had the time, or extra denaro for the mohair. ;)
    Yours is very pretty!

    I like all your shots! It is so hard to know what the judges like... I've entered pictures in the fair before, and the ones I didn't think were all that great, got the blue ribbon! While the ones I thought were great, didn't do diddly. Crazy!

    1. Thanks Jennifer! Mohair is getting crazy expensive too! One place I looked, I would have to pay more than I charge for a cinch, just to buy enough to make a cinch! Yikes!

      These judges are hard to tell what they will like, and I am too emotionally attached to my pictures to be impartial!