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Sunday, December 11, 2011

P365 November Highlights

December is nearly half finished, and I'm still trying to figure out where November went.  Here are my favorite pictures from November!

I took this picture of TR at the Cow Boss' folks place in Idaho.  It was a dreary overcast day, and TR was our bright spot of color in his new yellow vest.  "Mom!  It's yellow just like bananas, and I do love bananas!"  There was no talking him out of it!

QT is our little cosmonaut in his Elmer Fudd hat.  I just like the expression on his face!

I look at this picture and wonder who this long legged little boy is.  If I didn't recognise the red scotch cap, I would argue that it wasn't TR.  I find myself wondering what has happened to my babies and who these boys are a lot these days.  I like this picture because even though TR looks so tall, he still isn't tall enough to see over the gate!

It is tradition in my family to get a Christmas tree by the weekend after Thanksgiving.  We go up behind my family's ranch and cut down our own.  It includes lots of hiking looking for the perfect tree, then going back to the very first tree you saw to cut down, then coffee and cookies before heading back to my mom's house for lunch.  I love this picture so much, it is my Christmas card picture this year.  Some days you just picture the picture you want in your mind, and then it happens.  QT and I were waiting at the bottom of the mountain for TR and the Cow Boss.  When we saw them coming down the road with our tree, I knew that was my picture, and if I didn't take any other pictures that day, I had to take this one.

I wasn't at the right angle with this picture.  I wanted to get the Cow Boss and the horse he was working with in the picture as well so that you could see what the boys were watching.  If you look close you can see the horse, but no Cow Boss.


  1. Great photos!! We go and cut own tree every year. Lots of fun.

  2. Yep! These were my favs too....beautiful pics Jennifer!

  3. Those are beautiful, as usual! Even if you don't like the angle, the shot still turned out gorgeous. You have such a great eye! And handsome subjects!

  4. Thank you for all of the positive comments. I have to admit, the subjects definitely make the pictures!