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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

I had grand visions of sleeping in until 7 this morning.  But both boys slept all night, which means we were awake a 5:30!  First thing this morning Trent wanted a yellow apple.  Travis thought the yellow apple was a lemon and gave him a red apple.  The little monkey is too smart for his own good some days, and the fight was on.  For Travis's sake, the yellow apple is still a lemon, and with a little peanut butter the red apple was tolerable.  Little Quin just watched with a disgusted look on his face.  I'm sure if he could talk he would say "Really Trent?  An apple is an apple.  Just eat and be glad you aren't stuck eatting this over ripe banana, can I get an egg?  Please!"

We had a bit of a scare last night.  Trent got bucked off his barstool in our kitchen while eatting dinner.  Gave him a nasty knot on his head.  Sobbing he tells me "Mom!  Make me filbedder."  Just about broke my heart.  So I asked him what would make him feel better?  "Stitters!  Stitters make me filbedder."  So we went on a hunt for stickers and found a few.  About 30 minutes later he comes running up "Mom!  Its workin!  Stitters make me filbedder!"  Oh to be nearly 3 again huh?!

We had a sitter lined up so that Travis and I could go watch the UFC fights at the Scoreboard with some friends.  Trent seemed to be back to his old self, so I told the sitter what had happened earlier, and if he started acting funny to give me a call.  We were about 30 minutes into the fights when Travis's cell began to ring.  It was the sitter calling to say Trent was throwing up.  So we came home.  We got about 1 1/2 hours without the kids.  I'm really glad that the sitter did call us though.  Trent is fine and back to his normal self.  He likes pretty girls and our sitter is pretty cute.  I think he got busy showing off for her and after tanking up on "chocomilk" and apple juice, the 50 million laps around the house didn't mix well!

Gearing up for a busy week.  We start recieving yearlings tomorrow, with several truckloads on Thursday too.  Now the real work begins!

No exciting Mother's Day plans here.  Just hanging out with my boys today...hopefully the weather will hold and I can send them outside for awhile!  I hope everyone has a great day!

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